Elevated Lot in San Juan del Sur


Unique property ID: 009702
Location: San Juan del Sur
Lot Size: 9425 sq/ft
Status: Active
Price: US $195,000

Full Description:

This in town elevated commercial lot is the perfect blank canvas for a commercial development. The lot sits about 200 meters as the crow flies to the cool waters of San Juan beach, and 400 meters walking. The road in front is paved and has street lighting with a gently sloping hill down to the main commercial area of San Juan del Sur, making it the ideal location for an apartment building, the demand for which is overwhelming.

The lot has a total area of 875.7 square meters, and with a price of $195,000 the cost of land translates to under $21/ square foot.( keep doing the numbers as the building rises!)

There are views of the Ocean from approximately half of the elevated commercial lot on the ground level, however as the property was built up this would increase greatly, with views from most of the property on a second floor, and total views from a 3rd floor. The video attached would be from a future 3rd floor eye level.

Planning permission in San Juan is obtained from the local Mayors office, however one could expect to build up to 10 meters in height, (which is 3 stories), and it is not uncommon to build out the total footprint of a lot in town, which in this case could provide an impressive 28,267 sq/ft of rentable space.


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